About Me

Fouad is the eldest son of famous Lebanese painter Maroun Tomb. Born in Tripoli, Lebanon, in 1951, Fouad lives the majority of his childhood in Beirut. Immersed in an artistic family, he quickly discovers his affinity for painting. He joins the faculty of Fine Arts of Beirut to study the discipline of the arts, but soon thereafter leaves the country to find work. Fouad's dreams of becoming a painter are halted.

Fouad finds home in the G.C.C. countries, where he works as a successful businessman, for over a decade. Early nineties, Fouad immigrates to Montreal with his wife, May Ziadeh Tomb and their four children.

In Montreal, he rediscovers his love for the arts and embarks on an artistic tangent. He joins the faculty of Fine Arts at UQAM. He furthers his specialization and studies technique from the Masters of the Renaissance and Post-Impressionism. His fruitful experience has inspired him to found Arts & Renaissance, back in Lebanon. With his wife, he advocates for arts education. His school has served over 2500 students of all ages, in the last twenty years. Many of his students have since become emerging and established artists.

Besides his teaching expertise, Fouad Tomb has held numerous exhibitions around the world, in Lebanon, France, Los Angeles, Boston, Montreal and over 12 exhibitions in the UAE and Qatar where he has enjoyed great success and popularity. He was awarded the Said Akl prize. His name was listed amongst the 100 Lebanese personalities in the book "Pioneers from Lebanon". He was also awarded a "Certificate of Recognition" from the City of Los Angeles - State of California. More recently, he received the award "Certificate of Commendation" from Commonwealth of Massachusetts - City of Newton, together with many recognitions coming from the UAE and Lebanon. Last year, Fouad was honored by the Lebanese Consulate in Montreal for the creation of a stamp illustrating the diplomatic liaison between Quebec and Lebanon.

Fouad Tomb is known to be a prolific artist. He follows the discipline of painting regularly. In fact, he strives on making art. When one looks at Fouad's eclectic choice of subjects, one can only but note the reflection of his life trajectories. The artist aims at telling stories about his experiences and at engaging the experiences of viewers to imagine their own stories.